minor 12-14 , oct 11th
they/meow/he pronouns only
lesbian , demi-s
genderless / gender apathetic
autism , GAD , delusions

DNI !! SHOO !!!!
it = moots ok , unless i followed first
-12 , 23+
scourge (wc) kinnie , hello?🤨
pro-ship , noodle x band shipper
think lesbians can like men + gays can like women
+more but ill just block

interests !!

Gorillaz , old web , trad scene / emo , dan vs , selfshipping , coding


Noodle (Gorillaz), Dan (Dan vs) , 2D (Gorillaz) , buddyshipping

Blacklist / hl=trigger non hl=squick

catchall - rei dont look

-Simulation theory
-El manana - Gorillaz , mv and song
-Noodle x band
-Spinel (SU)
-The names Tamsin Conan/connan Pence
-Mcyters / mcytwt / dtt (dream team)
-Corpse (music/musician)
-owo and uwu
-that one girl from kakegurui idk her name w the eyepatch PLEASE GOD TAG HER SHE MAKES ME SO UNCOMFY.